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Winter Cookies

12 Jan

Back to cookies!! It’s cold here in Idaho, and I’ve heard that it’s snowing in weird places. My cousins in the south are getting snow, which is really unusual for them. Brrrr…. It’s winter for sure.

I have a recent obsession with disco dust. I particularly love the white. I wish it showed up in photos better.

(And sorry for the pink tint to my pictures. At least there’s plenty of room for improvement!)

I hadn’t used royal icing in a loooooong time. Probably 10 years or more, but I was in a hurry to get these cookies done for an event we were doing, and I had a package of the CK Products Royal Icing Mix that I’d been wanting to try. It’s nice because it’s a “just add water” mix. I decided to give it a whirl. I really liked it! It was fun to work with, and super easy and fast, which is always a bonus. The only thing I don’t like about Royal Icing is the matte finish. I loved how the disco dust fixed that problem right up!

Along with the disco dust obsession (and the cupcakes…), I’ve also had a recent “square cookie” obsession. (Am I easily obsessed? Why yes, I am.) Anyway, I love doing sets of squares with monograms on them to make a word. Add in some sanding sugar and/or non pareils, and I think it adds such fun textures. Here’s a close-up:

That O cookie is supposed to be tilted so the top-right corner is pointing straight up. If you could kindly use your imagination and picture it that way, I’d appreciate it!

And some close-ups of the snow gear.  My gray and light blue (and regular blue, and white…) icings were a little too runny, so it lost some definition. Which isn’t a problem with the royal icing mix, by the way. I just added a little too much extra water. And I could have fixed it up with some extra powdered sugar.  But I was in a hurry! :D

I love the Nu Silver luster dust on the ice skate. It adds such a fun effect.

Stay warm out there!!

Valentine Hearts

8 Jan

I can’t believe it’s already January EIGHTH!  How did that happen? Valentine’s day is coming right up, so for my first “real” post, I have some fun cookies for you to try. These are actually some of the very first cookies I ever tried when I was learning cookie decorating. I received a little tin of heart-shaped cookies as a gift, and inside was a recipe for powdered sugar glaze (similar to this one) and some simple instructions for drizzling and swirling the icing. I had so much fun doing them, and I’ve loved this method ever since. Give it a try, and if you have kids, they would LOVE to play around with these!

Bake a batch of cookies using one of our recipes or your own. Make a batch of frosting using one of our frosting recipes. One batch of frosting will cover approximately 3 dozen medium cookies.

Turn the finished frosting into glaze by adding 5 Tablespoons of water per batch of meringue powder buttercream, or 3 Tablespoons of water per batch of royal icing. Stir until smooth.

Divide glaze evenly into 3 bowls. Color one red, one pink, and one white. Pour half of each color into squeeze bottles. Cover bowls with plastic wrap and cap bottles when not in use to prevent drying.

NOTE: We use a cookie scraper in our photos. If you don’t have one, a toothpick will do.

With each design, start with a base coat of glaze. Choose a color and apply an even layer over the cookie. Keep this layer thin to prevent oozing when other colors are added.

To create multiple background colors, first pipe a dam using a squeeze bottle. Allow this to dry briefly, then glaze each section as described previously.

You’re ready to decorate! Before your base dries, finish your design using the following instructions – depending on the desired design.

Helpful Hint: Clean off the tip of your scraper or toothpick between swipes to avoid unwanted color blending!

Draw a series of lines across the glazed cookie with a squeeze bottle. Then drag your scraper or toothpick alternately up and down through lines.

Draw concentric hearts, then drag lines from the outside to the center. For a different look you can drag from the center outward.

Try two designs on one cookie! Make flat dots by placing your dots while the base is wet, or raised dots by doing so after the base has dried.

Create a tie-dye look by first drawing lines across the cookie, then dragging the scraper in an outward swirl, starting from the center.

Hearts are fun and easy! Place dots onto your wet glaze using a squeeze bottle, then drag through the entire column in one motion.

Get creative with your hearts! Here we placed the dots around the outside before dragging through them. We ended with a stylish tail on the last heart.

For a fun free-form design, place a cookie on wax paper, then drizzle quick lines back and forth. These lines will lay flat against your background if done when wet, or will be raised if done after base dries.

This technique can be used to decorate several cookies at once. Place cookies close together to prevent waste, and have fun!

To make flowers, arrange groups of 4 dots. Make heart petals by dragging through each dot toward the center of the grouping. Finish each flower by placing a dot where the tails meet.

Draw a series of arching lines across heart. Drag your scraper downward through the lines, curving your paths toward the outside edges of the cookie. Finish off with a dot in each section.

Tip: Keep your capped squeeze bottles upside-down in cups. This will keep the glaze down toward the tip and ready to use!

Hopefully this helps you start thinking of all the countless ways you can apply these techniques to your own new creations.



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